Peaks and Lake, Banff Canada

FamousPeaksHDR02: Peaks and Lake, Banff Canada

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We hope to give you a better feel for not only the selected image's detail, but also a sense of how the image might look displayed with some simple matting and framing. Please note that the image is still presented at lower resolution than you may expect from the final print. This ensures not only faster download times for you, but along with the watermarks, protects the value of our prints. A selection of sizes and prices are presented in the drop-down list above, along with some further details.

Most of the images presented may be printed to larger sizes without sacrificing detail or quality. We expect to constantly update our size and price options, but please contact us directly if you have any questions. We will happily work with customers to arrange for particular needs and print sizes not listed here.

It is important to note that some of these images have been cropped to enhance the balance and content of the overall viewing experience. Thus, not every image prints out to exactly 8x10 or 13x19. This isn’t really an issue for matting and framing. It does mean however that in the course of printing, some images may not extend completely to the edge of a standard sized sheet of paper in one direction. Alternatively, the image can be printed to fully extend to the edge of the paper in this one direction, but will be slightly clipped in the other. We are happy to work with you in making the very best presentation of your print. Of course, for larger custom sizes, paper is fed off a roll, and this issue becomes unimportant.

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